Jennie Guy



I currently have three works featured in Neutral, TULCA Festival of Visual Art, curated by Aisling Prior, which runs between November 7 – 23 in Galway City.

In How to See Clearly from a Distance, commissioned for Galway University Hospital, I have invited a group of artists and writers to recite texts that they have written or selected. Participating artists include Hu Fang / Dennis McNulty, Fergal Gaynor, Jennie Guy, Russell Hart, Léa Lagasse, Tamarin Norwood, Leila Peacock, Alan Phelan, and Frank Wasser.The project is presented via posters and handouts throughout the hospital. Listen here:

In the Galway Arts Centre, JG → AP → JG and Melancholy Park both share the entry gallery. Although these works were made in 2014 and 2010 respectively, they have settled into a comfortable and intimate dialog in this configuration.

Mobile Art School has proposed a new type of residency within Blessington Community College, where I am working with artists John Beattie and Sven Anderson with transition year students to explore activities that lie between producing new artwork and developing a conceptual framework within which to present it. For more info please visit


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