Jennie Guy


The Cardinal's Pears

The Cardinals Pears – Kitchen

Chef preparing Pope’s recipe in Ard Bia’s Kitchen

The Cardinal’s Pears or Maybe The Abbots Snails was an intervention included in the exhibition Apply Within: Experience Essential, which took place 13 – 19 July, 2009 at Ard Bia / Nimmos in Galway.

Jennie Guy’s daily culinary intervention was a collaboration with Ard Bia Nimmos head chef Tahlia Casey. Every day Guy inserted an appropriated recipe from early papal reigns. Recipe’s such as Pope Gregory’s Old Fashioned Fruit Tart or Innocent III’s Pontifical Soup introduced diners to indulgent, austere and aphrodisiac recipes brought to us over centuries. These recipes signify and compare contemporary life with distant culture, society and religion.

The Cardinals Pears – Menu

Menu outside Ard Bia / Nimmos