Jennie Guy


Silent Text

A visual and written response to Mit Jai-In’s practice featured in theCritical Voices section of From Surface to Origin: Journeys through recent art from India and Thailand, which accompanied the From Surface to Origin exhibition curated by Brian Curtin in Gallery Soulflower, Bangkok, Thailand in February 2008.

Link to review by Brian Curtin in Frieze Magazine, Issue 109.

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silent text

she’s a smart cookie go away and leave me alone come and sit with me and hold my hand loving impressionable friendly human life in a land where the fruit is fresh the air hot and humid troubled mind tired take rest can she create? tomorrow what about tomorrow? take it easy slowly trusting humanity is talking yesterday is not so far away come and see the ideas are in her head but then the ideas lodge become sticky fears come true heart collapses dies what can be done to get the groove back sleep? no this means you’ve given in keep your head on get on your bike forget remember yourself tell me a bit about yourself you are so lovely pretty simple naval gazing can become something oh no the cloud the fuzz has set in again forgotten why she felt so good keep it simple get back on track you tried to call but there was no answer today right now I am real see hear listen taste smell a brightness tarnished a life unfolds from within insignificant details workaholic mind freedom to be released foolhardy impulses freedom to say no the queen of the town before I thought he was for me thought I was in love what has happened apart from time passing not sure why not sure? how old are you? how much you weigh? are you too serious? you must have fun! will you have sex with me?

quiet soft supple bodies yielding strength angst insecure self doubt understanding what is happening to me her us? empathy our brothers ego grace can we live together? patience let us be quiet heard not seen revealed the burden of talent martyred beheaded chastised deserted impregnated starved bound marginalized scandalized left holding the baby baby I always wanted a baby idolised saved honoured loved revered diving racing sunbeams chasing way up high the wrong man for the job stunning creature what a naughty girl she’s a gold-digger sleepless nights witness to her own downfall should have married the one her mother told her to in a hurry late for tea full of care and full of worry can you sew? no? alone again searching questing a one-star girl how come I’m not a five-star girl like her? a star further than stars a man further than mars my head is hurting heart is gone does size really matter? crude so crude that’s why she never said it he said to her Lady! You’re over-educated and under-fucked definition of how to sew as taught by a man if you are scared go slowly like an old lady in traffic if you want to be macho go fast like this VRMMMMM! can you cook? the ideal menu drinks dinner bed leave she asked for it do girls stick together? do be brave and don’t cry are you a Barbie a Flirt or a Cindy? what should I wear?

she’s really gone and done it this time love you love me? frantic feet time to go agitated ssshhh now let me stroke your head will I sing you a lullaby? now how would a man solve this? he told me he wished I’d never been born that hurt what do you see you people gazing at me? how can you tell I’m under a spell? I’m waiting for love’s first kiss you cannot see how much I long to be free yearning turning yearning heavenly are you a man or a woman? what’s it like to wear high heels and have to shave? don’t do it like that do it this way foolish girl I love you but I can never be with you same old same OLD story should have been born a man should I? I wish I’d never met you is this how we figured life? so many things are things enough? I’m not stuck to you you’re not made out of glue quiet quiet still doucement pure easy softly anicha start again mother father daughter son brother sister mother my mother my child pay attention it’s a long long way can you get there? do you need help? I can help you do you know what’s good for you? I’ll show you what’s good for you! BAM! dumb old bird wise old bird foxy lady piece of meat take a walk it’s too busy out there find somewhere quiet why are you smiling at me like an air-hostess? I thought I was being friendly are you an artist? just like you and me and so and sew and so and sew and sew on same old story weave the dream lipstick powder and paint is it showtime?