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My Night of Passion With Studio 6

My Night of Passion with Studio 6 – Installation View – 01

Installation view – Video, pencil and text on paper

Exhibited in 3 Days Left in One Room, curated by Caroline Cowley and Cleo Fagan, Hosted by MAVis, IADT, Dunlaoghaire in Studio 6, Temple Bar Galleries & Studios. August 22nd-24th 2008.

In the video we see a character that has just woken up, put on a record and then proceeds to check her cell phone for texts. She then places her phone on a side table and starts making the bed in which she has rested awhile. Kneeling down she makes sure that the anonymous work of art that she has made is still under the bed. She then continues making her bed until she hears her phone ring. Firstly, she runs to the phone and then to the record player turning the music down so that she might converse with a caller named Pascal. “Pretty good, pretty good,” she laughs, “Just waking up at The Salon. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” she says and then the video cuts off.

A smushy and one might say badly written poem is placed beside the video telling of a female lover who although suspecting pain and let down decides to stay over with a lover and then finds herself shut out from any further relationship.

In a sense this work is akin to a tabloid story of when jilted lovers sell their story of their famous adulterer to the tabloids and hence the title, My Night of Passion with Studio 6, preferably read in a south London accent.

My Night of Passion with Studio 6 – Installation View – 02

Installation view

My Night of Passion with Studio 6 – Work in Progress – 03

Work in progress

My Night of Passion with Studio 6 – Installation View – 04

Installation view