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Melancholy Park

Melancholy Park – 01

Melancholy Park attempts to personify the Ranelagh Gardens in Dublin city. Giving the gardens a personality opens a system of communication that is often denied to places that are a little forgotten.

For TULCA 2014, the park is represented by a new video accompanying the original audio, along with a black and white photograph of the park.

Melancholy Park; TULCA 2014

Single-channel video with integrated audio, 4m15s; hand-printed black and white photograph, fibre-based paper; 300 x 250 mm; edition of 5.

Listening to the park initiates a process that results in being able to respond to this forgotten place. For the purposes of this project I have photographed the gardens and created a postcard so that participants who listened to the text had a chance to write to the park, resulting in an abstract dialog between individual and place.

Project Text

Melancholy Park was commissioned by independent curator Cleo Fagan for an exhibition entitled [pause] on behalf of the Ranelagh Arts Festival 2010.

Other participants in [pause] included:

Michelle Browne
Anne Hendick
Sarah Hurl
Beth O’Halloran
James O’Haodha

The Ranelagh Arts Festival took place between September 24th and October 3rd 2010. For more information visit:

Melancholy Park – 02