Jennie Guy


JG → AP → JG

I will look forward to dedicating a time each day to sit and write you a letter. However, for indeterminate reasons I don’t think I would like you to open the letters that I send to you.

(Excerpt from an email from Jennie Guy to Aisling Prior, sent in April 2014).

JG → AP → JG investigates the rituals of communicating via post, emphasising a desire for action.

Since, July 2014 I have been attempting to write a letter each day to Aisling Prior, the project curator of Neutral, TULCA 2014. This was hard; hard for me to write the letters and maybe hard for Aisling to refrain from opening them. I felt that this created a space of generosity, based on the act of her willingly sharing this (implied) time and domestic space with me. The result is a closed archive of letters, trickier because I also hold carbon copies of each letter.

64 hand-written letters (carbon-copied); inserted into 64 sealed grey hand-addressed & dated envelopes; 64 Irish national self-adhesive stamps; black Uni-ball ink pen; with mono audio.


Preparing the stationery in July 2014.

JG → AP → JG was commissioned for Neutral, TULCA Festival of Visual Art 2014, curated by Aisling Prior; Galway, Ireland; November 2014.