Jennie Guy


gelijkheid égalité equality

gelijkheid égalité equality – Badge

Badge (Edition of 100)

In early 2009, a reading group titled Knowing Not To Know took place weekly in the Project Arts Centre. The readings were chaired by Sinead Hogan and focused on Jacques Rancière’s writings.

These reading sessions were concluded by the forum Rancière & Representation, with presentations by Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Tim Stott and an open discussion chaired by Sinead Hogan.

For this forum, participants were invited to prepare and present a visual, sonic, or performance led response to the activities of the reading group.

Guy presented and gifted gelijkheid égalité equality, a limited edition badge inspired by Rancière’s text The Ignorant Schoolmaster. Guy placed these 100 badges on the auditorium seats prior to the forum’s opening.