Jennie Guy


Before the Flood

Before the Flood – Jennie Guy and Sven Anderson

2015: Before the Flood is a film by Sven Anderson and Jennie Guy, created within the public art project Tolka Nights.

The film explores a tangled solution to an (im)possible ecological event via a spiralling text adapted from writings by (or about) architects, planners and critics including Jane Jacobs, Rem Koolhaas, Mike Davis, Arata Isozaki, Victor Gruen, Santiago Calatrava, and Robert Moses. This contradictory narrative collapses a multiplicitous universal river upon the river Tolka (which passes through Dublin, Fingal, and Meath counties in Ireland), questioning the sanctity of place-bound narratives and the specificity of local landscapes.

The film is narrated by the Irish architect and environmentalist Duncan Stewart.

Vimeo access available on request.